2008 Juneau Summer Project

Craig Johring

During the summer of 2007 I led an 11-week project to Juneau, Alaska for 39 college students. The project was the 4th consecutive summer I've spent in Juneau, Alaska.

During the summer students work a 32 hours a week from Monday-Thursday to make money for college. The jobs students worked in 2007 were kayak guides, lumber yards, hardware stores, stocking at gift shops, and retail. Each evening after work we hold a developmental type of meeting during the week. On weekends we serve in the community and in Native American island communities.

 The staff  each summer are for the most part students who have been with me on  previous summers who return to lead and serve.

The experience for the men and women is foundational for building character, leadership, and life-skills they will carry forth into their lives to impact the world around them.

The following pictures are a some-what random collection of photos from the summer of 2007.

Our staff arrived on May 18 for a week of training and orientation. There was still snow on the ground from the all-time record snow-fall of 200 inches in Juneau over the winter. Many roads will still closed, and many of the 90 trails in the Juneau Borough were covered with snow until mid-June.


 Brent Dunkel, from K-State navigating a trail.


Karen Sharp from Wayne State, Chelsey Gnatowski from Kansas University, and Halie Hughes from Wayne State with bear protection on a trail.


Caleb Unruh from Missouri State and Matt Meschke from the U. of Nebraska with a stringer of Henry Wienhard's Root Beer.


Brent Dunkel


Craig Johring, Regan Griffin


Juneau, Alaska


Brady from Wayne State College


Juneau has a resident population of 30,000 and receives over one million tourists each summer from cruise boats.


Juneau is surrounded by permanent ice fields, and water. There are no roads leading in or out of Juneau.


Juneau Summer Project


We have a partnership with Echo Ranch Bible Camp that has an amazing ministry to kids in southeast Alaska.


Echo Ranch Bible Camp, Juneau, Alaska


Caleb Unruh


Kevin Ellerbee from Hastings College and Rylan Reed from the University of Nebraska.


Matt Hofer


Serving in the community


Josh Chiero, University of Missouri


Ryan Durst, University of Wisconsin


Regan Griffin, University of Missouri


Craig Johring, Echo Ranch Camp


Juneau Summer Project


Tim Day, University of Kansas


Craig Johring, Mendenhall Glacier ice


Ted Wilcox, Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau, Alaska


Karen Sharp from Wayne State College kayaking Mendenhall Lake


Marshall Maseberg from Thedford, Nebraska inside an glacier ice cave.


We have a contract with the University of Alaska Southeast, and house students in apartments on campus.


On weekends we spend time as with at-risk kids in the community to serve as role-models.


Juneau, Alaska


Echo Ranch Camp


Echo Ranch Camp


Echo Ranch Camp


Echo Ranch Camp


Putting on a skit for kids, Echo Ranch Camp


Regan Griffin, Echo Ranch Camp


Matt Meschke, Karen Sharp, Regan Griffin at Echo Ranch Camp


Chaz Steele, Echo Ranch Camp


2007 Juneau Summer Project, Echo Ranch Camp


Returning from Echo Ranch Camp, Juneau, Alaska


Dolly Varden Trout can be caught with a fly or spinner on a rising tide almost anywhere along the coast all summer.


Andrew Murray with a Dolly Varden Trout


Marshall Maseberg, Echo Cove


Jusin Faber, University of Nebraska fishing in Echo Cove


Issac Landecker, Justin Punch at Echo Cove

Justin Faber, Jake Buck pulling crab rings in Echo Cove.


Jake Buck, pulling crab rings for Dungenous Crab in Echo Cove, Juneau, Alaska.


Our classroom for development and building into the lives of students is the great outdoors.


Caleb Unruh from Missouri State University, our 2007 Juneau Summer Project Director


Regan Griffin, Tae Cho inside an ice cave in the Mendenhall Glacier


Ted Wilcox, Caleb Unruh, Mendenhall Glacier


Inside a glacial cave, Caleb Unruh.


Each Wednesday night we hold college student meeting at Chapel by the Lake, Juneau, Alaska.

Student who worked as kayak guides each day taking tourists kayaking in Fritz Cove.


We fly students out to Native American villages located on remote islands to serve, and spend time being role models for kids.


Southeast Alaska


Mowing the lawn of the Salvation Army Chaplain in the Native American island community of Hoonah.


Justin Burnett, University of Missouri in Hoonah, Alaska.


Serving burgers at a fishing derby for kids in Hoonah, Alaska.


Helping kids on the Native American community of Hoonah, Alaska fish at the Fishing Derby.


Casey Priebe, University of Nebraska in Hoonah, Alaska.


Hoonah, Alaska


Kyle Levitt, North Carolina State University in Hoonah, Alaska


Matt Meschke with a Dungenous Crab


Justin Faber speaking at the Salvation Army Church in Hoonah, Alaska.


A Brown Bear near Hoonah, Alaska.


Andy Fell, Kansas University and Tae Cho, University of Missouri


Marshall Maseberg, manhood development time on Tuesday night.


Juneau Summer Project


Each Tuesday night is an activity centered around the topics of team-work, life-giving, trust, and living for a greater purpose.


Juneau Summer Project


Juneau Summer Project


Halie Hughes, Chelsey Gnotowski, Karen Sharp on a trail, Juneau, Alaska


Windfall Lake, Juneau, Alaska


Windfall Lake, Juneau, Alaska


Sockeye Salmon, 2007 Juneau Summer Project


It's Alaska. We catch a massive amount of Salmon.


Juneau Summer Project Sockeye


Hiking along the Salmon Creek trail.


Juneau Summer Project, Salmon Creek Trail


Juneau Summer Project


Juneau Summer Project


Weekend camping on a trail.


Juneau Summer Project


Morning devotion time while camping.


The students are housed and spend the summer in an "action group" with 5 or 6 other students.


Debbie Douglas, a professional guide who is a close friend of our Project and consults with us on training and risk management.


Bear are a constant danger.


Mt. McGinnis, the mountain out our back door on the University of Alaska-Southeast campus.


Juneau Summer Project, Mount Juneau trail


Craig Johring with Brady, a student at Wayne State College. Brady was a student on the 2006 Summer Project, and returned in 2007 to on our staff.


What do college students do when they reach the summit of a mountain? They jump.


Andy Fell, University of Kansas


Brady, Wayne State College


Marshall Maseberg, Halie Hughes


Matt Meschke, Brady on the summit of Mt. Juneau.


Albert Duckworth, Craig Johring on the top of Mt. Juneau, Alaska


Juneau Summer Project


Juneau Summer Project


Juneau Summer Project


Brent Dunkel, Craig Johring at Sawmill Creek, Juneau, Alaska


Brent Dunkel, Craig Johring, Juneau Summer Project


Juneau Summer Project


Juneau Summer Project


Juneau Summer Project, Berner's Bay, Juneau, Alaska


Juneau Summer Project


Juneau Summer Project


Juneau Summer Project, Berner's Bay


Juneau Summer Project, Berner's Bay, Alaska


Clay Tabor, Jo sh Church from Eastern Kentucky State Unversity


Juneau Summer Project


Brent Dunkel


Matt Hofer, University of Minnesota


Craig Johring, Juneau Summer Project


The 2007 Juneau Summer Project


Juneau Summer Project


Brady, Amalga Harbor, Juneau, Alaska


Andy Fell with  Double-Ugly


Craig Johring, Matt Meschke with Halibut


Brent Dunkel, Craig Johring on Mendenhall Lake, Juneau, Alaska


Reid Brown and family, Craig Johring at Amalga Harbor


Dungenous Crab fishing, Juneau, Alaska


Juneau Summer Project


Fishing for Dungenous Crab in 30' of water in a bay.


Halibut, Juneau, Alaska


Over 250 pounds of Halibut, Juneau, Alaska


Brett Brown, Craig Johring, 128 Pound Halibut, Juneau, Alaska


Service project for to clean up a lot for a lady who lives near campus.


Chapel by the Lake, Juneau, Alaska


Steaming crab, Juneau, Alaska


Lunch during a staff hike to the Herbert Glacier.


Taking a ferry up to Haines to set up a service project in the village of Kluckwan.


Haines, Alaska


Kluckwan, Alaska


Kluckwan, Alaska


Flying along the coast over a glacier.


Tae Cho with an early season Chum Salmon, Juneau, Alaska


Chum Salmon, Amalga Harbor, Juneau, Alaska


Albert and Robin with a harvest of Chum Salmon at Amalga Harbor.


Hiking on a trail in June.


Halie Hughes from Wayne State on a the Mt. Juneau trail.


Eric Williams, Missouri State University with a Chum Salmon


Amalga Harbor, Juneau, Alaska


Ryan Durst with a nice Pink Salmon


I own three skiffs, and have friends with some amazing boats who join us to ferry students to remote locations for camping trips.


Juneau Summer Project


Craig Johring, Juneau Summer Project


Craig Johring with the Andrew Murray, the 2007 Juneau Summer Project student Project Director.


Juneau Summer Project


Kevin Elerbee with a Pink Salmon in Echo Cove.


Kyle Levitt with a Halibut


Halibut, Amalga Harbor, Juneau, Alaska


Halie Hughes, Juneau, Alaska


Matt Damico, University of Minnesota with a Halibut


Juneau Summer Project, Halibut


Clay Tabor, Easter Kentucky State University


Tyler Wallace, University of Missouri


Halie Hughes with a Chum Salmon at Amalga Harbor, Juneau, Alaska


Karen Sharp with Chum Salmon, Juneau, Alaska


Fishing for Chum Salmon


Chelsey caught this fish by herself, but it took about 5 minutes to get her to hold it for this picture.


A  highlight of my guiding this summer.


Issac Landecker and Andrew Murray with a King Salmon caught trolling near Fish Creek.


The eagles are abundant and are always sitting in trees waiting to swoop down while cleaning fish.


Kevin Elerbee


Kevin Elerbee from Hastings with Chum Salmon Fillets.


Xtra-tuf boots are invaluable to wear at all times in Alaska.


Skunk Cabbage in May.


LeAnn Rees shot a nice black bear in May.


Each day during the summer 4-7 cruise boats come into port in Juneau.


David Vidmar with a brown bear taken  by his wife.


Gina Vidmar with an 8 1/2 foot Brown Bear she shot in late May. Her husband David Vidmar (left) is a Brown Bear guide.


Students training to be kayak guides for the summer in Juneau, Alaska.


Our Monday night Juneau Summer Project meeting.


Juneau Summer Project student above the Mendenhall Glacier.


Inside an Mendenhall Glacier ice cave.


Karen Sharp, Chelsey Gnatowski, Halie Hughes.


A Lighthouse near Juneau, Alaska  (This Lighthouse appeared on a U.S. Post Office stamp in 2007)


Juneau, Alaska lighthouse


Chelsey Gnatowski kayaking in Juneau, Alaska


Kayaking on the Mendenhall Lake


Craig Johring at the entrance of a naturally formed  ice cave in the Mendenhall Glacier.


Mendenhall Glacier


Juneau Summer Project students on a trial


Isaac Landecker catching a halibut


Matt Damico and Andrew Murray from Minnesota with a Halibut catch


Juneau Summer Project King Salmon harvest


Isaac Landecker, Kyle Levitt, Andrew Bartlow in Auke Bay, Alaska.


Isaac Landecker with a King Salmon caught in Fish Creek.


Andrew Reiners, Holdredge Nebraska on a trail.



Craig Johring and Juneau Summer Project students on a whale watching tour near Juneau, Alaska.


Juneau Summer Project staff biking on the Herbert Glacier trail near Juneau, Alaska.


Karen Sharp, Halie Hughes, Chelsey Gnatowski trail riding on the Herbert Glacier trail near Juneau, Alaska.


Juneau Summer Project - Mendenhall Glacier


One of the 90 trails in the Juneau Borough.


Andrew Murray with a Double-Ugly.


Halibut fishing in the Green Topped Boat off the coast of Juneau, Alaska.


Reid Brown, Omaha and Craig Johring with King Salmon


Isaac Landecker with King Salmon


Craig Johring and Matt Meschke with Halibut


The Mendenhall Glacier - 2007 Juneau Summer Project


Ryan Reed with a Pink Salmon at Echo Cove near Juneau, Alaska


Rylan Reed, Craig Johring with Pink Salmon catch. Juneau, Alaska


Black bear feeding on Salmon near Juneau, Alaska.


2007 Juneau Summer Project


2007 Juneau Summer Project


A sunset on the way to Juneau, Alaska.


Sunset from 35,000 feet while flying to Juneau, Alaska.


Matt Damico with a double-ugly


Matt Hofer fishing for Halibut 29 miles off the coast of Juneau, Alaska.


Isaac Landecker with a Double-Ugly


Craig Johring, Andrew Murray, Matt Hofer, Issac Landecker, Matt Damico with Halibut catch, Juneau, Alaska


Matt Hofer with a 40 pound Halibut


Andrew Ortmayer fishing for Halibut on his wedding day.


Mitchell Johring  and Jason Coorts  with a small Halibut.


Sunset at 35,000 feet above Juneau, Alaska.


Andrew Ortmayer from Madison, Wisconsin was a student on the 2006 Juneau Summer Project and returned in 2007 with his family and Sarah to hold his wedding in Juneau.

My nephew Mitchell Johring. This summer was Mitch's 3rd trip to Juneau, Alaska.


LeAnn Rees, Craig Johring, and Mitchell Johring in Auke Bay, Alaska


The 2007 Juneau Summer Project students after an activity on the last night before heading home in August.