North Lake – Items of Importance


Sewer System:

Every cabin (or small group of cabins) has a sewer grinding/pumping station.  These pumping stations have a red light attached.  The red light means you’re your sewage and whichever neighbor you are hooked in with is NOT being pumped out and it will start to back up into your home.  So, when you see that red light, you need to call PeopleService Inc. of Omaha immediately.  They are the company that takes care of the individual pumping/grinder stations, and the main lift station.


Contact info for PeoplesService:  please call toll free 1-888-861-1921.


PLEASE NOTE:  Do not flush any of the following down your toilets:  feminine products, baby diapers, baby wipes, Swiffer pads, prophylactics, or underwear.  These items do not dissolve and cause major problems with our system.  If it is determined that you caused the sewer problems because of these items, you will be billed accordingly.


Note:  Our sewage system is old and was designed many years ago for cabin usage, not for full time residency households or for large crowds like we see on the 4th of July weekend.  Please try to minimize sewage use if at all possible and keep an eye out for the red alarm lights.  If the red alarm lights up, contact PeoplesService immediately.



All boat drivers must have a “boat safety certificate” showing they have taken a boat safety course.  Our Boat Safety Committee has classes as needed.  For information, contact Bob Ellsworth at 944-2892.


Beer Bottle Beach:

The Beach/pavilion is available for reservations free of charge on all days except major holidays.  Contact Mindy Simon, 402-944-2134 to make your reservation.  Or, you can e-mail her at


There is a flag in the shed at BBB.  Place the flag in the flag holder at the pavilion.  The flag is a signal to other cabin owners that you have the area reserved.  NOTE:  Cabin owners may still use the far side of the beach, even when the pavilion is reserved.


Once your party is over and you have cleaned up your mess, return the flag to the shed.  All trash cans are to be emptied into the large dumpster.  Black plastic trash bags are available in the mailbox behind the port-a-potty.



Our lake website is 



Cabin Owners CANNOT add sand to their beach without the permission of the Board.


Dike Usage:

Cabin Owners who live near the dike must have approval from the Lake Association Board and Nebco to make any changes, such as tree removal, etc.  Any substantial changes to the landscape may effect the strength of the dike.



It is the responsibility of each cabin owner to follow all lake rules and to ensure that their guests do so also.



First Aid equipment is located at several cabins around the lake and at Beer Bottle Beach.  If you need to call emergency services, call 402-296-9370.  Calling 911 will delay response time and the call gets relayed to Wahoo, then Plattsmouth, then to Louisville.


Old Appliances:

If you have old appliances that you need hauled away, call 944-7519, and he will haul away the appliance for a minimal fee.


Boat Storage Area:

The Boat Storage area was designed for winter boat storage only.  It was not meant to be a permanent home for old shore stations and other large items.  


Entry Gate:

The following groups or individuals have been given their own access codes to our gate:



















If you are expecting any other deliveries, i.e. Nebraska Furniture Mart, etc. you will need to be home and “buzz” them in.


To get party codes, etc. contact Joanne Bronson at 402-944-2802 or e-mail her at  If she doesn’t respond to your e-mail within 48 hours, you need to call her because she didn’t get your message.


Vehicle Identification Numbers

All boats (motorized or not), plus all unlicensed vehicles (golf carts and ATV’s) must have your cabin number affixed to them in large, easy to read numbers.  The right rear corner of the vehicle is preferred if possible.



Do not rake or blow leaves into the lake.  The leaves take the oxygen out of the lake as they decompose which is bad for the water quality.