2009 Summer Pictures

2009 Summer Pictures

A few pictures I took this summer of the fish, amazing sunsets, and awesome times on our lake. -Craig


The looking west toward the I-80 bridge.


This big guy was a 30 pound flathead I caught off my dock in the lake.


The 30 pound flathead lived for a few days in my tank before we released him back.


There had to be at least 150 people who stopped by to see the flathead on a Sunday afternoon. Here Deb Foster tries to get it in a net.


In late July, just below my riverside deck I caught and released this 36 pound Flathead.


The Platte River Footbridge. There's all kinds of birds that nest under the bridge. it's pretty cool to see from below the bridge.


Here's a 20 pound flathead I caught off my dock in late July.


Here's that same 20 pound catfish. I kept him for a few days of show and tell and then released him.


The Hubbard's cool frog.


The Wiper fish we stocked in the lake 4-5 years ago have grown to around 4 or 5 pounds. Here's a picture of some friends of mine with a Wiper they caught and released off my dock in June.


The Sunset looking up river.