Gate Protocols

Joanne Bronson from Middle Island is our Gate Keeper


         Each lot will have ONE keyboard entry code.

         Entry codes will be changed every three years

         Any lot having construction, remodeling or a party will be given a temporary entry code for workers or guests to use.You must reach out to Joanne Bronson and request a worker or party code.This code will be discontinued after the event.

         If a cabin owner does not request a special code for the above, and it is noted that an event occurs, the gate keeper will require the cabin owner to change their entry code.

         A lot owner may request the gate be left open for an event by notifying the gate keeper at least 48 hours in advance.See gate keeper contact information below.

         When a cabin/home is sold the gate keeper will be notified by a board member and all remotes and entry codes will be suspended until the new owner contacts the gate keeper.

         If a cabin/home has a phone number registered with Cellgate a guest can scroll to their name on the keyboard and call the phone.The owner can press 9 or * from a land line, or trigger from their cell phone to open the gate.You must download the Cellgate app to your phone.

         For remotes, contact Joanne Bronson.Contact information listed below.

         If you see the gate is not functioning or is malfunctioning, and you have not received and email from your board telling you of problems with the gate, please notify Joanne Bronson.Contact information listed below.

         For entry code, gate opening, and special codes contact Joanne Bronson.She will send a receipt email.If you donít get an email receipt, then she most likely didnít get your request.Reach out to her again.


Joanne Bronson (Gate Keeper) contact information:

402-944-2802 land line

402-432-8065 cell