Guidelines for Reserving the Beer Bottle Beach/Pavilion

The Beach/Pavilion is available for reservations on all days except major holidays. 

There is a $50.00 Fee for Saturday & Sunday Rental.

Email Cathy Becker (lot #59) at: with your reservation request. Please include your name, lot number, contact name and phone number, and the date on which you are requesting. (You can also call or text her at 402-440-4700, to make your reservation, but email is preferred for tracking and accuracy.)

For Gate Code requests contact Joanne Bronson at: 402 944-2802 or email her at should not be giving your personal gate code out to your guests, request a party code. Your party code will be cancelled after your event.

         We have a flag that you must display during your reserved time, which acts as a signal to other cabin owners that you have the area reserved. The flag is in the shed and should be placed in the flag holder on the pavilion, return to the shed when finished.

         NOTE: Other NLCA Owners may still use the far side of the beach towards the river

         You may use the Caution Signs from the shed, but theyneed to be returned to the spot where you found them in the shed when you are finished

o   Other items in the shed are usable unless they are marked Not for Public Use, these are for NLCA holiday activities.

         Music needs to be done by 12:00 AM (midnight)

         You are responsible to leave the beach as you found it.

o   Empty all trash into the dumpster and replace with new bags from the shed

o   Return all picnic tables to the pavilion set up how you found them

o   Large logs around the fire pit are for sitting, not burning. Provide you own wood for any fires. Make sure your fire is OUT prior to leaving after your event. Fires are only allowed in the firepit, no other areas on the beach.

o   If you use the locked bathrooms, you must clean them

         The beach needs to be cleaned up by 10:00AMthe following day

         Turn OFF Fans and Lights

         If shades are rolled down, they must be rolled up when you leave

o   Cranks for the shades are in the Utility Closet.

o   There are 3 cranks, and you must return all 3 cranks to the Utility Closet

         If you break or lose something that belongs to NLCA, you are responsible for replacing it.

         Please treat BBB as your own

         If cleanup is not completed, a MINIMUM of $150 will be assessed by Lamb Realty.

         If you are planning an event that starts prior to 10:00 AM, following an evening event, please coordinate with the cabin owner who has the pavilion the night before to make sure they know your timeframe.