North Lake Rules




1. Fishing is governed by all Nebraska State laws and regulations, including possession of a valid State of NE fishing license.


2. Fishing on North Lake is for cabin owners and their guests only.   Guests must be accompanied by the cabin owner if the guest is not fishing at the owners lot.


3. Fishermen shall respect any cabin owner's request not to fish in swimming or activity areas when owners or guests are present.


       4. Catch and release is encouraged for everyone.


5. White perch, carp, drum, gar and other ‘rough’ fish should not be returned to the lake.  To compare white perch, white bass and wipers consult the information section on the lake website.


6.   It is illegal to transfer live fish from one body of water to another.


7.   Dispose of unused bait (minnows, leeches, etc.) in the trash.  Do not release live bait into North Lake



Motorized Vehicles


            1. No motorized vehicles, including automobiles, ATV’s and motorcycles, shall exceed 20 mph around the lake.


2. No person shall drive an automobile or other vehicle designed for street use unless he or she is licensed to drive such a vehicle on public roads in the State of Nebraska. All other rules of the road shall be observed.


3. Recreational vehicles, or similar off-the-road vehicles, must be muffled and operated so as not to create a       nuisance or danger to others or their property. These vehicles shall be operated under the same rule governing boating hours.


            4. All pedestrians and non-motorized items, such as bicycles, golf carts, etc. shall have the right-of-way at all times.


5. All non-licensed recreational vehicles are to be marked with cabin numbers at least 1 ½ inches high.





All household pets shall be confined to the cabin owner’s property and on a leash when off their property.





1.      Trash service for each cabin owner is provided by NLCA and picked up on Tuesdays from April through October. Each property owner must arrange for his own service in other months.


2.      Residents shall provide regular, covered, trash containers.


3.      No trash (bottles, cans, paper, etc.) shall be thrown into the lake or on lake property.


4.      Contractors hired by property owners shall be responsible for the disposal of their trash and its removal from the property.



 Beer Bottle Beach and Pavilion


  1. No one, except cabin owners and their guests, shall be entitled to use the beach or pavilion. Guests are allowed to use the beach if accompanied by the cabin owner, or an immediate family member of the cabin owner.


  1. Cabin owners may reserve the pavilion, parking area and beach area for private parties.  However, private parties do not ‘close’ the beach for other cabin owners (see #4 below).   Reservations are on a first come basis.  See the lake directory for the pavilion scheduler.


3.       When the pavilion is reserved for a private party, the flag should be displayed. The flag is in the shed at the beach. The flag should be displayed at all times during the private party.  


4.        As a courtesy, cabin owners should use discretion about using the beach when there is a private party at the pavilion and keep to the fire pit area of the beach.   


5.       Anyone using Beer Bottle Beach (BBB)/pavilion shall be responsible for clean up. Clean up should be completed no later than 10 a.m. the next day. Garbage cans shall be taken to the dumpster, emptied and returned to the pavilion.


 6.   Music and noise must be controlled, especially after midnight.


7.       All fires must be confined to the fire pit and the grill.


8.       Picnic tables should not be removed from the pavilion area. 





1.      There shall be no dumping of sand on the beaches below the high water mark unless approved by a committee appointed by the Board. This committee will also advise owners on placement of seawalls.


Beach and Seawall Committee members: Bob or Greg Ellsworth, Wain Finke, Bruce Skinner, John Walter.


2.      No object, including fish habitat and sand, shall be placed in any of the common areas, which includes the lake, without approval of the Board.


3.      All property in the boat storage area shall be identified with the owners cabin number. These numbers should be easily visible and can be provided by stickers, stencils, or other suitable method.






It is the responsibility of each cabin owner to follow all lake rules and to ensure that their guests do so also.


All trespassers should be asked to leave. If they refuse, call the Cass County sheriff (402-296-9370). Anyone who is not a cabin owner or guest of a cabin owner shall be considered a trespasser and shall be prosecuted accordingly.





 First aid equipment is located at the following cabins:   

#44 – Ellsworth                #59 - Becker

#105 – Minardi                 BBB Pavilion


Call 402-296-9370 for emergencies. If you call 911, response time could be slowed due to the number of times your call is transferred (Wahoo, Plattsmouth, Louisville). Be prepared to give your name, street address, call-back phone number.


All cabin owners are asked to display their street address (rather than, or in addition to, a cabin number) that is visible from the road for emergency purposes.  This is the address emergency crews will use to locate you when responding to an emergency call – not your cabin number.


Contact the NLCA secretary when you have a change of address.