North Lake – Items of Importance


Sewer System


Every cabin (or small group of cabins) has a sewer grinding/pumping station.  These pumping stations have a red light attached.  The red light means your sewage and whichever neighbor you are hooked in with is NOT being pumped out and it will start to back up into your home.  So, when you see that red light, you need to call HTM SALES at 402 935-0300 or 800-444-1625 immediately.  They are the company that takes care of the individual pumping/grinder stations, and the main lift station.


PLEASE NOTE:  Do not flush any of the following down your toilets:  feminine products, baby diapers, baby wipes, flushable wipes, Swiffer pads, prophylactics, or underwear.  Do NOT flush or dump GREASE down any drains.  None of these items dissolve and will cause major problems with our system.  If it is determined that you caused the sewer problems because of these items, you will be billed accordingly.

Note:  Our sewage system is old and was designed many years ago for cabin usage, not for full time residency households or for large crowds like we see on the 4th of July weekend.  Please try to minimize sewage use if possible and keep an eye out for the red alarm lights.Our sewage system is NOT built like that of the Omaha or Lincoln City systems.Think about renting a Porta-Potty for large parties. 


A green light has been added to each grinding/pumping stations.  This light indicates if electricity is on for the pump, so you want to see the green light lit.  If the green light is not lit, then you have no electricity to the pump station and should contact HTM SALES at

402 935-0300 or 800-444-1625 immediately.Please consider if your electricity is out due to an OPPD issue.  If this is the case, do not contact HTM, but contact OPPD.  You may want to limit flushing and water use during a power outage. 




If you need to call emergency services, call 402-296-9370.  Calling 911 will delay response time and the call gets relayed to Wahoo, then Plattsmouth, then to Louisville.

We have developed a North Lake – Middle Island Emergency/Disaster Plan.  Please find and read the section in this packet outlining all Emergency/Disaster Information. 


First Aid equipment is located at these locations.

·         Beer Bottle Beach(under pavilion) – Includes AED on bathroom building

·         Lot #44 Ellsworth – Includes AED

·         Lot #59 Becker – Lake side

·         Lot #86 – Includes AED

·         Lot #105 Minardi









Trash service for each cabin owner is provided by lessor and picked up on Tuesdays from April through October. Each property owner must arrange for his own service for all other months, please contact Ashland Disposal Service to arrange, 402-944-3950.

Ashland Disposal Service will provide 1 covered garbage can.  Additional cans provided by you must be regular, covered, trash containers.

Recycling is available at the owner’s expense.  If you would like to have recycled items picked up weekly, contact Ashland Disposal Service for this as well. 

No trash (bottles, cans, paper, etc.) should be thrown into the lake or on lake property.

Contractors hired by property owners shall be responsible for the disposal of their trash and its removal from the property.


Boat Storage Area


The Boat Storage area was designed for winter boat storage only.  It was not meant to be a permanent home for old shore stations and other large items.  Owners will be fined if this area is used for permanent storage.


Speed Limit


For the Safety of All please observe the 20 mph Speed Limit around the lake.  This applies to ATV’s and all motorized vehicles.Our river road speed limit is 35.




It is the responsibility of each cabin owner to follow all lake rules and to ensure that their guests do so also.




Cabin Owners CANNOT add sand to their lakeside beach without permission of the NLCA



Dike Usage


Cabin Owners who live near the dike must have approval from the NLCA Board to make any changes, such as tree removal, etc.  Anysubstantial changes to the landscape may affect the strength of the dike.  Nothing new, such as trees or bushes should be planted on the dike.  No camper parking on the dike.




Do not rake or blow leaves into the lake.  The leaves take the oxygen out of the lake as they decompose which is bad for the water quality.




All household pets shall be confined to the cabin owner’s property and on a leash when off their property.  




Building Permits and NLCA Approvals


·         Approval is Required if you are changing the footprint of your house, garage, shed, dock, seawall, or putting up a fence.  Go to, under NLCA (password BBB), find NLCA Architectural Guidelines, and NLCA Application.  You must have approval prior to purchasing materials and beginning construction of your project.

·         Building Permits may also be required for certain projects and/or additions, which after approval from the Architecture Committee, your project will then be submitted to the South Bend board for your building permit approval.  

o   The Architectural Committee will assist you with this


South Lake


·         South Lake is part of our NLCA community property.  It is located on the other side of the RR Tracks across from Cabin #1 (Vap’s house) and extends east.  South Lake is accessible from the town of South Bend, or by golf cart or 4-wheeler under the RR Tracks by Cabin #1 (Vap’s house), and if you go down the “old road” there is another passage under the RR tracks. 

·         If you are accessing from South Bend, there is a locked gate.  You can obtain a key to that gate from Pat Lemmers.  No key is required if you go under the tracks by Vap’s house or under from the “old road.

·         You can store campers at South Lake, for a fee of $300 per year. 

·         You can use this lake for fishing, camping, etc., but no power boats are allowed on South Lake.  

·         A North Lake Owner card should be given to you from the Welcome Committee, and you should have this card with you when using South Lake to identify that you are a homeowner on North Lake, and to prevent trespassers.

·         If you are at South Lake and see possible trespassers, you can call the Sherriff’s office to report trespassers, 402-296-9370 Cass County Sherriff.